Starting a Real Estate Company – 1 day CRB Course

Opening a real estate office has many moving parts – more than is possible to cover in a one-day course. This course provides a foundational blueprint of all the elements involved in opening, managing, and growing a real estate company.

  • Key factors to consider when opening a real estate office.
  • SWOT exercise to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in yourself and local marketplaces.
  • Economic aspects and analysis of opening a real estate office.
  • Independent vs opening a franchise.
  • Legal structure of real estate brokerages.
  • Resources and references for following the guidelines established for real estate brokerages in your state.
  • Setting measurable goals and develop a mission and vision statement.
  • Types and styles of real estate brokerages operating in today’s environment.
  • Best practices for recruiting new and experienced agents and how to onboard.
  • Risk management benefits of policies and procedures and having an Office Policy Manual.
  • Lead generation, SEO, and social media presence.
  • Communication strategy for your office and team.
  • Characteristics of successful managers and leaders.
  • Key financial terms, financial reports and how to conduct a breakeven analysis.
  • Compensation planning options for sales associates and staff.
  • Other business components that keep brokers up at night.


CE Credits: 8 hours

REGISTRATION: $150.00 Non-members, $100.00 Florida REBI Chapter members


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